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Just Go Grind

Dec 30, 2019

Rob Patrick, the founder of Bitmob, started writing code at 12 years old and never looked back. He's since become a CTO, CEO, co-founder, startup mentor/advisor, sold a company, guest spoken at Harvard, been on TV, co-authored a few patents and served as Chairman & member on a few Board of Directors.

Even with more than 15 years of software technology leadership experience, he loves that the tech space provides constant opportunity to grow and innovate. Turns out, his passion is working with amazing people to create transformative software solutions that have significant positive impact.

Bitmob is a SaaS Platform that produces high-quality automated tests for your codebase, which helps you eliminate bugs, improve code quality, and free up engineers.

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The Grind is a community where entrepreneurs, creators, and other go-getters can connect digitally and in-person to build their businesses, get ideas and inspiration, make an impact, and support others pursuing their dreams.

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