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Just Go Grind

Feb 3, 2020

Zach Beinlich is the bass player of Yam Haus, a band which exploded in popularity in 2019. 

With "electro-poppy grooves and swooning vocals” (Star Tribune, June 2018), Minneapolis-based pop group, Yam Haus, is challenging the indie dominated scene of the Twin Cities. Tight guitars, dreamy synths, and clean production from Grammy award-winning producer Mark Heimermann, helped drive year one successes.

Their debut album, “Stargazer,” lands with the energy of WALK THE MOON, the charisma of Coldplay, and the emotion of Ed Sheeran. Strong melodies and thoughtful songwriting become even more apparent and powerful when big production and synth-heavy tracks are stripped back with the minimal arrangements of their acoustic EP, “Stargazer Sessions.”

With the “Yam” in Yam Haus standing for “You Are Me”, members Lars Pruitt (lead vocal), Jake Felstow (drums), Zach Beinlich (bass), and Seth Blum (guitar) officially formed Yam Haus in 2017. The group launched their first single, West Coast, in April 2018 which gained over 100,000 streams within the first week of its release. Selling out shows across the midwest due to a quickly growing fan-base, the quartet has played alongside national acts Kacey MusgravesTori KellyAdam Lambert , Sugar RayAndy GrammerO.A.R. , AWOLNATIONAmerican AuthorsSemisoniclovelytheband, and Johnnyswim.

With over 2.6 million streams on Spotify with their pop-inspired album, Stargazer, Yam Haus’ sound evokes the names of WALK THE MOONMaroon 5, and Ed Sheeran alike. Kicking off the summer on the national stage at Basilica Block Party, winning the Emerging Artist Series at Summerfest, and releasing their highly anticipated single, The Thrill, the band continues to build momentum as they continue to unveil new music into 2020.