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Just Go Grind

May 10, 2020

Victoria Repa is the CEO & Co-Founder of BetterMe, a health and fitness app empire with more than 50 million installs, 400,000+ paid subscribers, and annual revenue of more than $60 million. BetterMe's flagship app often ranks as one of the top #5 apps on the App store in the health and fitness section.

Connect with Victoria Repa

Some of the Topics Covered by Victoria Repa in this Episode

  • How Victoria started BetterMe
  • How Victoria decided on the initial version of the app and decided to focus on weight loss initially
  • The thinking around the target audience for BetterMe early-on
  • Victoria’s user acquisition strategy for BetterMe
  • The importance of understanding who your audience is
  • How BetterMe implements changes based on user feedback
  • The content strategy behind BetterMe and how they decide which content to add to their apps
  • How Victoria looks at building new apps vs. improving the apps they have at BetterMe
  • The approach Victoria has used to grow the team of BetterMe from 3 to 100 people
  • The biggest challenges along the way of growing BetterMe
  • Victoria’s big vision for BetterMe in the future and how she plans on getting there
  • How Victoria views competition
  • What Victoria’s day-to-day looks like as CEO
  • Why Victoria just uses paper and pencil for planning and running her day
  • The biggest lessons from Victoria’s career so far and why she prioritizes speed over efficiency

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