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Just Go Grind

Jun 14, 2020

Jacob Pace is the CEO of Flighthouse, the largest media brand on TikTok. Flighthouse has almost 25 million followers and over 2 billion likes. They also operate an agency that works with a variety of brands and labels on TikTok marketing campaigns. A native of El Paso, Texas, Jacob started working for record labels and PR firms remotely as a teenager. Just after graduating from high school, he moved out to L.A. to work for Create Music Group. He has since become one of the youngest CEOs in the industry.

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Some of the Topics Covered by Jacob Pace in this Episode

  • How Jacob got his start in the music industry
  • What Jacob's experience was like moving out to L.A. at a very young age
  • What Jacob's job was like when he was first hired by Create
  • Jacob's view of "the hustle"
  • How Jacob became the CEO of Flighthouse
  • How Flighthouse grew to nearly 25 million followers
  • How Flighthouse creates content
  • How the quarantine and COVID-19 crisis has affected Flighthouse's content creation
  • How they manage content distribution across platforms
  • Keys to creating successful TikTok content
  • How brands are using TikTok as the newest social media
  • How Flighthouse Media, the brand side of the business, was born
  • What Jacob's position as CEO involves
  • What's next for Flighthouse
  • The big lessons Jacob has learned along the way
  • Jacob's advice for artists breaking into TikTok
  • A day in the life of Jacob, and how quarantine has affected his routine
  • Jacob's journaling and meditation practices
  • What Jacob is excited about moving forward
  • How Jacob keeps up with trends
  • Jacob's podcast recommendations

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