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Just Go Grind with Justin Gordon

Aug 2, 2020

Chad moved to the DC area for school, attending the University of Maryland, College Park, where he was a D1 collegiate decathlete in their Track & Field program.  He began his post-collegiate career in the residential remodeling industry, and noticed that it typically took 6 people and multiple touches from each person to help one customer renovate a bathroom.  He understood what may have worked 70+ years ago, just doesn’t work today.  The renovation process needed, well…a renovation. At LivingSocial, Chad experienced the drive and pace of an internet startup environment firsthand.  He was now ready to combine his knowledge of the remodeling industry, his experience in the online marketplace, and his vision for a more efficient customer journey. 

Thus he founded and is now CEO of Remodelmate, a managed marketplace for bathroom renovations. Homeowners get plans, permits, materials, and book labor through their site and the entire process is managed by a project concierge to make sure renovations finish on-time and on-budget. Backed by Revolution's Rise of the Rest, CoVenture and prominent angels.

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Some of the Topics Covered by Chad Hall in this Episode

  • Why and how Chad started Remodelmate
  • How Chad went about finding his target market
  • Why he made the decision to stay local to Washington D.C. for now
  • How Chad used Remodelmate's first bathroom to prove his concept
  • Mistakes Chad made as he navigated digital marketing
  • How Chad and his co-founder managed funding as they started the business
  • Raising half a million dollars through angel investors and how they spent those funds
  • How they decided what positions they needed to hire for
  • Mistakes and challenges as Remodelmate grew and how to beat the competition
  • Figuring out what to standardize and which elements to make customizable
  • How Chad approached pricing strategy
  • Growing the company revenue 4x
  • How Remodelmate is faring through COVID-19
  • Chad's book and software recommendations
  • Chad's biggest lesson for entrepreneurs, about making decisions

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