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Just Go Grind

Aug 27, 2020

Alex Wheldon the Co-Founder of Rho Business Banking Alex is a 3x time entrepreneur and was the founder and CEO of Kanary, Europe’s first DMP/DSP, which was acquired in 2014.  Alex was previously CPO at Lyst, a fashion marketplace with over 65 million customers, and CPO at Smarkets, a betting platform that he helped grow to over $2 billion in transactions per year in less than 12 months.  Alex’s ventures have raised over $100m in venture capital from firms like Draper Esprit, LVMH, Accel, Oxford Capital and Deutsche Telekom. Alex is also an early-stage investor through Wheldon Bros. Investments.

Connect with Alex Wheldon

Some of the Topics Covered by Alex Wheldon in this Episode

  • What led to Alex starting Rho with his co-founder, Everett Cook
  • What is Rho and their mission
  • Understanding the inherent problems with the banking industry
  • The sponsor bank model
  • What Rho offers and who their typical clients are
  • Fundraising for Rho
  • Navigating a highly regulated industry
  • How Alex evaluates opportunities in new markets
  • Alex's first time asking for capital
  • Understanding investors and Alex's advice for fundraising
  • The process of exiting a company
  • Foundational product thinking
  • Incorporating feedback into product development
  • How Alex views competition
  • How Alex approaches hiring
  • Alex's book recommendations

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