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Just Go Grind

Sep 28, 2020

Jack O'Holleran, Co-Founder and CEO of SKALE Labs, is a technology entrepreneur focused on blockchain and decentralized systems.

SKALE is solving the blockchain scalability problem by facilitating processing between blockchains and decentralized applications, helping the ecosystem run hundreds of millions of smart contracts and transactions per second.

Jack also maintains a strategic advisor role at Aktana which he co-founded in 2008. Aktana is the leading SaaS sales and marketing analytics platform for global life science companies.

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Connect with Jack O'Holleran

Some of the Topics Covered by Jack O'Holleran in this Episode

  • What Skale Labs is and how Jack decided to start it
  • The idea of a user-owned economy
  • What drew Jack into the world of cryptocurrency
  • How Jack grew his team and brought his CTO on board
  • Raising a $10M financing round and how Jack learned not to grow too fast
  • The business model behind SKALE as a user-owned network
  • What the SKALE token is and how it works
  • The challenges in making the vision for SKALE Labs a reality
  • Bringing on a number of math-focused engineers from Ukrain
  • The differences in growth from Aktana and what Jack is doing at SKALE Labs
  • Jack's advice for other entrepreneurs on fundraising
  • Using investors as a barometer for your company
  • Equity splits and how Jack thinks about them
  • How Jack manages the short term and long term within SKALE Labs
  • What led Jack to leave his company, Aktana, and start something new
  • The difficulty in leaving a company you originally started
  • Jack's book suggestions

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