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Just Go Grind

Nov 7, 2018

Mary Clavieres is the founder of Brief Transitions and provides mesh underwear to women after childbirth and surgeries. She leveraged her 14+ years of manufacturing experience at a Fortune 100 Pharmaceutical company to grow her product based business. Brief Transitions can be be found on Amazon and in select subscription boxes.

Out of her love for building community, Mary also founded The Transitions Collective - a platform that provides access to experts and resources for women who want to build and work in their own businesses full time. Mary features expert interviews on her VLOG and The Transitions Collective membership community will launch March 11, 2019.

Mary also provides program management consulting services and is a certified leadership and team building coach.

In this episode of the Just Go Grind Podcast we discuss how Mary transitioned from working for more than a decade at a Fortune 100 Pharmaceutical company to starting multiple businesses and the challenges that go along with doing so.

Show notes are at: