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Just Go Grind

Nov 23, 2020

Josh Itano is the CEO and Co-Founder of CareCar, a supplemental benefit manager and market network platform for home care and medical transport. From his early career working on US Defense contracts to his work with healthcare startups, he’s had one driving mantra: “Do well by doing good.” That mantra has led him and his team at CareCar to grow 3x every year since inception, creating improved access to care for hundreds of thousands of people in need over the past 3 years. Josh is a former collegiate athlete and philosophy and neuroscience nerd, and when he’s not hard at work you can find him playing water polo or speaking about his views on the intersection between philosophy, science, and business.

About Our Partner

This episode is brought to you by our sponsor WeAreNoCode.

WeAreNoCode’s mission is to empower non-technical founders. The problem is that if you don’t know how to code, building your MVP or app idea is a frustrating process:

  • Developers are expensive
  • Looking for a perfect tech co-founder is time-consuming
  • And learning how to code takes 3 years

Their program is called, “The No-Code Startup” and it’s a no-code accelerator program that teaches founders how to build, launch and monetize their startup without hiring expensive developers or waiting for a technical co-founder.

No-code is a disruptive new way of building software products that allows users to drag and drop functionalities to build powerful solutions like Uber, Airbnb, Twitter and much more.

They have founders in over 12 countries and partnerships with organizations like UCLA Accelerator, Startup Boost and Scale Health.

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Some of the Topics Covered by Joshua Itano in this Episode

  • What CareCar does and why Josh decided to start the company
  • What the MVP of CareCar looked like and which customers they focused on initially
  • The team behind CareCar and what it took to bring them on board
  • Going without a salary and growing 3x each year
  • How Josh closed the first deal for CareCar
  • The three major user groups of CareCar's platform
  • Expansion plans for CareCar moving forward
  • How Josh invests in himself as an entrepreneur
  • Josh's 1 on 1 experience with Chris Voss
  • How Josh is approaching the fundraising process
  • Books that have been useful for Josh
  • How Josh manages the stress of running a startup

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