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Just Go Grind

Dec 23, 2020

Andrew Jamison is the Co-Founder & CEO of Extend, a company that enables credit card sharing amongst non-cardholders via a simple and ubiquitous P2P platform. Extend enables banks, and their customers to capture more business spend on their existing card accounts by connecting account holders and their workforce.

Some of the Topics Covered by Andrew Jamison in this Episode

  • What Extend is doing today and why Andrew decided to start it
  • The discussions in the earlier days between Andrew and his co-founders around creating Extend
  • The go-to-market strategy for Extend
  • How Andrew went about establishing strategic partnerships
  • Bootstrapping for 6-8 months and getting the first money from institutional investors including Point 72 and FinTech Collective
  • The initial product for Extend
  • How Andrew has grown Extend over time
  • How Andrew has invested in himself as a founder and how the experience compares to what he expected
  • The unique team happy hours Extend does and the types of games they play each week
  • How Andrew recharges
  • The big vision for Extend

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