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Just Go Grind

Dec 30, 2018

In the first episode of the Just Go Grind podcast with multiple guests, we have Sera Alper, the Founder & CEO of PMSBOX, and Desiree Hostettler, head of PR & Media Relations.

PMSBOX is a monthly subscription box that includes five items (plus a bonus token item) to improve women's menstrual experience. With every box purchased, PMSBOX gives one box of menstrual supplies in India or Turkey to a woman in need.

Sera Alper is a visionary, an advertising guru who does not take “no” for an answer. She brings the vision forward and eliminates any roadblocks along the way.

She is a fearless leader who has an admirable reputation in the influencing community.

Desiree Hostettler is an aspiring polymath, curious mind, and a culture enthusiast. It drives her mad to not know something, so every morning the first order of business is reading the news and updating herself on essential topics.

Passionate about academia, journalism, and communications, she hopes one day to receive her Ph.D.

When her thirst for knowledge has ceased, she enjoys composing songs, singing, playing the guitar, reading, writing and trying to finish the dozen something books she started, watching art cinema, traveling, learning a new language, and volunteering at museums.