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Just Go Grind

Oct 18, 2021

Nicholas Hinrichsen is the co-founder of Clutch, a SaaS company working to turn credit unions into FinTechs, while helping you to refinance your auto loan and save thousands in minutes. Nicholas used to be an avid golfer, playing on Germany’s national team for four years. After finishing his master’s degree in Germany, he worked at Bain & Company and Merrill Lynch before he moved to the U.S. in 2011. Nicholas and his co-founder Chris Coleman met at Stanford Business School, and after graduating in 2013 they started Carlypso, the Amazon for used cars. They eventually sold to Carvana in 2017, and stayed on board until 2020, when they started the original iteration of Clutch.

Topics Covered by Nicholas Hinrichsen in this Episode

  • The pivot Clutch is making and how it came about
  • How they're turning credit unions into FinTech companies
  • Creating a self-serve product
  • Why loan origination systems are archaic and how Clutch is implementing technology to make credit unions more efficient
  • The current business model for Clutch
  • The challenge of competing for talent in Silicon Valley and Clutch’s unique approach to new hiring
  • How they came to the decision to hire internationally and the complexities of doing so
  • Their most recent round of fundraising with Andreessen Horowitz
  • What's next for Clutch and the ultimate vision for their consumer experience

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