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Just Go Grind

Nov 8, 2021

Matt Jung is an entrepreneur and generalist with over a decade of experience founding businesses and leading teams with a focus on business development, operations, marketing and brand strategy in both startup, incubator/accelerator, and corporate environments. Currently Matt is the CEO of Last Crumb, the world’s first ultra-premium luxury cookie brand. Their nostalgic flavors are upgraded with the world’s best ingredients, delivered through a premium direct-to-consumer membership with luxe packaging you can show off.

Topics Covered by Matt Jung in this Episode

  • How Matt and his team are building the world’s first ultra-premium luxury cookie brand with Last Crumb

  • How Matt ended up as CEO of Last Crumb

  • Developing their 12 cookie flavors

  • Being intentional about developing a brand before going to market

  • Creating a market and why that worked for their brand

  • Why they chose not to test their product on consumers before launching

  • Actively going against their investors’ advice

  • Last Crumb’s go to market strategy and how they built an organic flywheel without any paid media

  • Managing supply and demand for a waiting list of over 100,000 people

  • Building an in-house cookie factory and 3PL while simultaneously creating a D2C brand

  • Learning to scale at a feasible rate for their growth and demand while maintaining a very high quality and consistent product

  • Growing from a mom and pop roadside bakery cart to an exclusive cookie factory

  • Constantly improving quality to create an amazing customer experience

  • Some ideas Matt has for the future of Last Crumb

  • Avoiding the mistake of diversifying before scaling

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