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Just Go Grind

Mar 7, 2022

Yoni Shtein is a technology entrepreneur and investor with over 15 years of experience at the intersection of technology and finance. Yoni brings his passion around data and impact into focus by helping to improve people's lives as CEO and co-founder of Laguna Health, a technology enabled recovery solution providing a dynamic member experience and integrative clinicians to shorten recovery times and reduce costly readmissions.

Laguna aims to radically improve care experiences and care outcomes for patients who have moved through a hospital stay and have been discharged home to self-care. Laguna marries a proven clinical treatment model with a digital-first care team, personalized recovery plans, coaching, data-driven interventions and expansive behavioral health resources, all delivered in a friendly and accessible app-based environment. From employers to health plans to providers, the entire healthcare ecosystem now has the ability to ensure every patient recovers with confidence.

Yoni began his career as a software engineer at Microsoft and leveraged that as a founding member of RPX insurance business (KPCB, CRV, Index -> IPO). Next, Yoni co-founded Koru Ventures, which was integrated into Fortress Investment Group, where he led investments in over 30 companies exceeding $500M in equity and debt.

Topics Covered by Yoni Shtein in this Episode

  • How Laguna Health is helping people recover confidently from surgery at home
  • How Yoni and his co-founder Yael Adam met and decided to work together
  • The dating/diligence process of finding a co-founder and the importance of being able to “argue well”
  • The hospital unbundling thesis
  • How they developed the idea for Laguna Health from personal experiences
  • Validating the business opportunity and finding a workable tech-enabled solution
  • Connecting with clinical experts and stakeholders
  • Yoni’s “work hard, work smart, be lucky” approach
  • How their business model has evolved
  • How demonstrating impact has fueled Laguna Health’s growth
  • The UX for Laguna Health patients
  • Building the Laguna Health team with a “bicoastal” approach
  • Yoni’s advice for developing remote team dynamics and the impact of aligning cultures and values
  • What’s next for Laguna Health

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