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Just Go Grind

Apr 25, 2022

Maika Isogawa is the Founder and CEO of Webacy, a platform for securing digital assets for the unexpected. Maika is a former professional acrobat and performer for the Cirque Du Soleil brand of shows. She is also a Stanford '20 alumnus with a special concentration in Symbolic Systems, a program which combines the study of Human Computer Interaction, Software Engineering, Linguistics, Philosophy, and more. Maika was most recently a Cybersecurity Engineer for Microsoft. She has since founded Webacy, and has been recently recognized as a member of the Forbes 30 Under 30 list.

Topics Covered by Maika Isogawa in this Episode

  • What Webacy does
  • What led Maika to found Webacy
  • Maika’s experience and background
  • Her experience as a first-time tech founder
  • Finding her co-founder and deciding to start a company together
  • Onboarding their early team members
  • How Maika’s skills learned as a Cirque Du Soleil acrobat apply to being a tech startup founder
  • Navigating the Web3 space
  • The vision for how Webacy’s relatively small target market will grow
  • Webacy’s hybrid go to market strategy
  • Approaching trust and safety in crypto
  • Maika’s view on the community element of Webacy
  • Maika’s path from leaving Microsoft to building Webacy
  • Raising Webacy’s pre-seed funding round
  • How angel investors have provided value beyond funds in building Webacy
  • How they’re thinking about future fundraising
  • Maika’s view on Webacy’s competitors
  • Webacy’s unique value proposition in digital asset security
  • How Maika finds balance with her wide variety of interests
  • What’s next for Webacy

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