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Just Go Grind

Aug 8, 2022

Analisa Goodin is the founder and CEO of Catch+Release, a venture-backed startup that supports brands in building authentic, award-winning ad campaigns, while ensuring the creators are being compensated for their work. Catch+Release is a collaborative creative platform that helps storytellers curate and license Found Content from anywhere on the internet, solving a specific problem that touches almost every creative, producer and content creator in the production industry today: making it easy to discover the best content from the open web, and making it available for licensing to agencies and brands worldwide.

Analisa took a unique path to get to where she is today and admirably stayed true to herself and her passions. While many business leaders have their MBA, Analisa is passionate about the arts and holds her Masters of the Arts. She spent several years in the creative ad world focused on image research. During her time in the agency world (at firms like Goodby, Silverstein & Partners) and as the leader of her own agency, she was able to understand the key pain points - that she would eventually go on to solve - firsthand.

She has raised more than $26M from top venture capitalists at leading firms like Accel for her revolutionary technology that for the first time gives brands a way to leverage found content, meaning content that already exists on the internet today, uploaded by creators, including directors, photographers, producers, entrepreneurs, and everyday people. Over the years she has grown the company to include an amazing team of curators, licensing experts, engineers, product designers, and project managers. They relieve headaches for the best agencies and buyers around, including Apple, Twitter, Facebook, Anomaly, Goodby, Silverstein&Partners, Weiden+Kennedy, and more.

Topics Covered by Analisa Goodin in this Episode

  • What Catch+Release is and how they’re licensing the internet
  • Catch+Release’s orgin story and where Analisa came up with the company’s name
  • The evolution of Catch+Release’s product and vision as the creator economy has exploded
  • The importance of early conversations with stakeholders
  • The timeline from bootstrapping to seed round funding
  • How Analisa approached fundraising and network building with minimal context as a first-time founder
  • Company growth after raising a seed round and navigating the difference between Founder and CEO roles
  • How and why Analisa incorporated improv as a key element in team-building
  • What has fueled Catch+Release’s growth and how that has shifted over the years
  • How they’re approaching expanding their customer base today
  • Catch+Release’s re-launch and re-brand
  • Analisa’s journey from creative to tech startup founder

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