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Just Go Grind

Sep 19, 2022

Connor Ellison is the CEO and Founder of POGR, a next-gen statistical platform for developers & gamers. POGR is a unique customizable profile system with centralized video game statistics. They closed $2.25M at a 20 million valuation earlier this year, and are building the statistical foundation for the future of gaming. Connor is a lifelong gamer and avid reader and learner.

Topics Covered by Connor Ellison in this Episode

  • How POGR is building the statistical foundation for the future of gaming
  • POGR’s origin story
  • Connor’s path to actually becoming a founder
  • 1,000 emails to get their first $100k and raising their seed round pre-revenue
  • Connor’s insights on cold outreach: scrappiness and high levels of personalization
  • Connor’s successful cold outreach pitch and how he leverages tracking in the process
  • Negotiating terms with investors
  • POGR's business model and their multiple stakeholders
  • The growth strategy for POGR
  • Connor’s “jump and figure it out” approach as an entrepreneur and connecting with his co-founders through Discord
  • Failure as an inevitable part of success
  • Connor & Justin’s love for learning and their book and podcast recommendations
  • The big vision for POGR

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