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Just Go Grind

Oct 3, 2022

This is a special episode pulled from the Just Go Grind vault! Dr. Iman Abuzeid is the Co-founder and CEO of Incredible Health, a career marketplace whose custom matching technology offers hospitals the fastest, most effective way to hire qualified permanent nursing staff. By 2024, the United States is poised to experience its biggest employment crisis to date, a shortage of one million nurses, putting patient care in jeopardy and hospitals at risk of significant financial loss. The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the nursing shortage, highlighting the need for qualified nurses across the country.

Incredible Health is on a mission to reinvent the hospital and healthcare staffing landscape, helping to solve the nursing shortage. As a former medical doctor whose immediate family includes three surgeons, Iman understands the importance of helping healthcare professionals find and do their best work. Incredible Health is based in San Francisco, backed by top tier venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz, and is used by hundreds of leading hospitals across the country, including Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Stanford Healthcare, Baylor Scott & White and many more. Dr. Abuzeid holds an MBA from The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

In August 2022, Iman led Incredible Health to $1.65B unicorn status with an $80M Series B raise. This makes Incredible Health the highest valued tech-enabled career marketplace in healthcare. This new funding comes on the heels of several major milestones for Incredible Health. In 2021, revenue grew 500% as their marketplace grew exponentially. More than 10,000 US nurses now join Incredible Health’s platform every single week, and they’ve expanded from partnering with 200 hospitals to 600 hospitals. Their marketplace technology has reduced the average time to hire permanent nurses to only 14 days – from an industry standard of 82 days – while saving each hospital location at least $2M annually in travel nurse, overtime, and HR costs.

Topics Covered by Iman Abuzeid in this Episode

  • How Incredible Health got started
  • Being 1 million nurses short in the U.S. by 2024
  • How Iman figured out what the initial version of Incredible Health would be
  • Creating a solution that's 10x better than what's currently available
  • How Iman met her co-founder, Rome, and the conversation around going into business together
  • How Iman thought through the equity split early on
  • Raising a few hundred thousand dollars from friends and family to get Incredible Health off the ground
  • Raising a $2.4M Seed Round in 2-3 months after going through the NFX accelerator
  • Raising a $15M Series A in 4-5 weeks led by Jeff Jordan at Andreessen Horowitz
  • Iman's advice for fundraising and creating a process and how her own skills evolved
  • How Iman brought on the first hospitals through cold-calling
  • The MVP of Incredible Health and why you have to fight the urge to ship perfection
  • How the team has grown for Incredible Health
  • The values of Incredible Health and how it's part of everything they do
  • How Incredible Health uses customer insights to develop their platform, operations, and marketing
  • Why Incredible Health offers free continuing education for every nurse in the country
  • How Iman thinks through the products and tools they're going to provide to their customers
  • The sales process of getting hospitals on their platform
  • The 3 biggest value adds of the investors Iman has for Incredible Health
  • Questions that Iman asked of CEOs for reference checks on investors
  • How Iman takes care of her own mental health and why she has a therapist
  • How getting an MBA from Wharton impacted Iman's journey as an entrepreneur
  • Books and blogs that Iman recommends
  • How Iman recharges away from work and why she doesn't work on Saturdays
  • Iman's experience as a minority woman founder
  • Diversity debt

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