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Just Go Grind with Justin Gordon

Mar 7, 2019

Molly Sullivan is the owner of Miss Molly's Cafe and Pastry Shop in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She went to culinary school in Minneapolis and started working at Birchwood Cafe to start her culinary career.

Prior to starting her cafe, Molly worked at Braise Restaurant while she starts her pastry business as a side hustle. Unaware of how to start a business, Molly started to reach out with other restaurant owners and she found Nell Benton of The National Cafe who eventually became a personal Business guru.

On this episode, Molly talks about the challenges she has had to overcome in starting her business, such as finding the right team and getting funding, and how she launched her business as a side hustle and now is going at it full-time with plans for expansion.

Show notes: