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Just Go Grind

Dec 19, 2019

Marla Isackson is a seasoned marketing executive with over 25 years’ experience creating innovative marketing campaigns for world-famous brands including Citibank, American Express, Barnes & Noble, and WebMD.

A longtime passionate supporter of women's initiatives, Marla is the founder of Ossa Collective (Formerly - Like a Boss Girls), a website providing young women the tools, information and inspiration they need to define, explore and connect with their goals -- including finding (or creating) their dream job, becoming entrepreneurs, social activists, leaders, basically pursuing success however they may define it.

A mother of two and an entrepreneur herself, Marla created Like a Boss Girls, formerly known as Heart of Gold, because she believes that young women have the strength, determination and talents to play a bigger game, make a big difference in the world, and “make it big” by achieving real greatness in their lives.

Marla is also the founder of Ossa. Ossa connects women in podcasting with brands buying podcast advertising. Ossa provides women in podcasting a supportive community and increased earnings potential. Ossa also enables brands identify and target relevant niche audiences engaging in the podcasting medium. Ossa was in beta from August 2018 through mid January 2019. Ossa launched in mid January 2019 with 200 podcasters and 150+ brands on the platform.