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Just Go Grind

Oct 14, 2019

Justin currently direct all aspects of Morro Capital, a global private equity company with a diverse portfolio that includes e-commerce, software development, manufacturing, and fulfillment businesses. As a senior executive and P&L owner, he must craft a clear vision for the future, develop actionable strategies, and create a business model that drives sustainable growth. The best-laid plans, however, mean nothing without a capable and motivated team who can execute. Recognizing this, he invests significant time in developing team members, cultivating an inclusive culture, and rewarding strong performance.

In addition to his role with Morro Capital, Justin is the owner of JustinFit, a concierge health, and fitness practice that he founded in 2007. He built this organization from scratch, which over time became one of the most recognized and trusted personal training brands in South Florida. He became a subject matter expert for a variety of national publications, such as USA Today, Brides, Prevention, Yahoo, Pop Sugar, and Shape. He also appeared on television programs like SoFlo Health, Morning Dose, and Inside South Florida.

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