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Just Go Grind

Jan 28, 2022

Jordi Hays is the Co-Founder and CEO of investing platform Party Round. Party Round is building better tools for founders, starting with an automated fundraising tool. Generate & send docs, collect signatures, and receive funds, automating your raise from open to close. Previously, Jordi Hays founded Likewise and Branded Native.

Topics Covered by Jordi Hays in this Episode

  • How Party Round is simplifying the process of raising capital for founders
  • How Jordi got inspired to start Party Round and what sets it apart from other fundraising platforms
  • How Jordi and his co-founder Sarah Chase got Party Round off the ground
  • Why they focused on marketing early on
  • The story behind Party Round’s viral drops
  • How their team brainstorms and executes their drops
  • Why their BIGTECH Fellowship drop was meaningful for Jordi
  • How Jordi approaches choosing investors
  • What’s next for Party Round

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