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Just Go Grind

Mar 24, 2022

Max Zamkow is the Managing Partner at Third Act Ventures, an early-stage venture firm investing in AgeTech - technology for older adults and their caregivers. Third Act Ventures invests in founders revolutionizing aging, and is the only firm investing across the entire spectrum of AgeTech.

A century ago we didn't expect to make it to 60, but now we're surviving well into our 80's and beyond. Surviving, but not thriving. Technology hasn't kept pace with the medical advancements that gave us 20+ extra years of life leaving us directionless, isolated, and alone. Third Act Ventures invests in companies that recognize this massive opportunity to improve the lives of older adults and their caregivers.

Topics Covered by Max Zamkow in this Episode

  • What AgeTech is
  • Why Third Act Ventures invests in the AgeTech ecosystem and how it’s changing
  • The process of developing a thesis and overcoming the lack of interest in AgeTech
  • Emerging models and how social determinants of health are impacting AgeTech
  • How having a wide range of stakeholders has led to lack of innovation in the industry
  • How Max screens for value and the importance of timing
  • The challenge of not being the end user for products he invests in 
  • One of the AgeTech companies Max is excited about
  • Third Act Ventures’ strategy as a follow fund and why they’re shifting their approach
  • Max’s effort to expand investments in the AgeTech industry and shift it from niche to mainstream
  • Justin’s thoughts on how to market yourself uniquely to stand out

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