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Just Go Grind

Aug 19, 2018

Jes Osrow (TheRiseJourney and JOSROW) gets sh*t done, has the energy of four people, and only puts her name on things that represent her best. She contributes with enthusiasm and a “it’s not done until it’s done right" mentality.

Her goal is talk transparently about HR, recruitment, and talent development (since these topics get a bad rap). She'd like to create and join conversations as a means of being part of a fundamental change in approaches and underlying assumptions in the People Ops realms.

Jes is a Talent Development Specialist. Her skills include individualized coaching, creating and teaching professional development workshops at all levels, and as of late, the creator of a series of e-workbooks.

Her areas of expertise include diversity & inclusion, transitions into/out of tech, strengthening of personal brand, identifying transferable skills, building a professional network, and exploring industries that are conducive to continual professional development.

In this episode we talk about entrepreneurship, developing your personal brand, career transitions, reinventing and more!