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Just Go Grind

Sep 16, 2018

Laura Killick, PhD is a life coach whose mission in life is to help smart, curious, capable women quit all the things in life that are holding them back. She helps them learn how to revolutionize their lives from the inside out by bringing scientific methods together with deep support and a little bit of a punk attitude to help the women she works with thrive.

She has always been obsessed with understanding people. Where we come from and what makes us tick are the big questions that keep her up at night.

Prior to building an international coaching practice, she gained a PhD in Archaeology, became a world expert on Vole teeth (really!), project managed marketing and tech builds for some of the world’s biggest marketing firms and spent some time training as a therapist. In her spare time, she can be found volunteering for the local ambulance service or playing the drums, loudly.

In this episode we go through Laura's career journey from archaeology to digital marketing to starting her own coaching business.

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