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Just Go Grind

Aug 30, 2020

Zubin Bhettay is the co-founder and CEO of Fuzzy Pet Health. Zubin strives to make better pet health care accessible to dogs and cats of all ages. He gets excited about leveraging technology, better working practices and new business models to make the world a better place. Zubin thrives working with high-performing teams towards a common goal on things that seem improbable until they've made it happen.

Fuzzy is a subscription-based pet health company with a mission to make veterinary care more accessible. Through a combination of in-home vet care, proprietary telemedicine software, and tailored health programs for pets that include home-delivery of meds and supplements, Fuzzy is empowering pet parents to be proactive in ensuring their pets live their best life. Fuzzy's mission is to broaden access to veterinary care and preventive pet health education.

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Some of the Topics Covered by Zubin Bhettay in this Episode

  • What led to Zubin starting Fuzzy Pet Health
  • Developing the idea with co-founder Eric Palm and digging into the problems with the pet health industry
  • The original version of Fuzzy Pet Health and how it has changed while holding true to its mission
  • How COVID has affected Fuzzy and how it's functioning today
  • The humanization of pets and how it has led to a shift in consumer behaviors
  • Raising their seed round and series A and how they were different
  • Customer discovery and acquisition and incorporating customer feedback
  • How Zubin approached building out the team for Fuzzy and what he learned from the process
  • Onboarding the vets
  • How Zubin views growth and adapting the business in order to scale
  • The challenges Zubin has faced as a first-time founder and the best advice he has received
  • What has been helpful for Zubin's mental health along his entrepreneurial journey and finding work-life balance
  • Zubin's advice for entrepreneurs

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