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Just Go Grind

Oct 31, 2020

Katica Roy is the CEO and founder of Denver-based Pipeline, an award-winning SaaS company that leverages artificial intelligence to identify and drive economic gains through gender equity. Katica is driven by a passion to eradicate economic inequality and champions the rights of refugees, women, and children.

An award-winning business leader with more than two decades of experience in technology, healthcare, and financial services, Katica is credited as a rare combination of expertise in and passion for gender equity, people analytics, and sales operations.

Some of the Topics Covered by Katica Roy in this Episode

  • Why Katica started Pipeline Equity
  • What Pipeline Equity does to help companies through augmented decision making
  • How the increase in gender equity increases revenue at companies
  • Why you can't change the gender pay gap by starting with pay
  • Actionable ways that companies can move toward equity
  • How founders can use data to achieve intersectional equity in their companies