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Just Go Grind

Nov 21, 2020

Gregory Ugwi is the cofounder & CEO of Thinknum, KGBase and the Business of Business. Thinknum Inc has raised $12.6 million to date. Prior to founding Thinknum, Greg graduated from Princeton University with a bachelor's degree in Mathematics and worked at Goldman Sachs.

Greg was born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria. Greg enjoys playing soccer and is an investor in New Amsterdam FC

You can find Greg on Twitter and Linkedin.

Some of the Topics Covered by Gregory Ugwi in this Episode

  • What Thinknum does and who the main users are
  • How Thinknum got started after Greg was working at Goldman Sachs
  • How Greg ended up finding his Co-Founder, Justin
  • The initial version of Thinknum
  • The types of datasets Greg was using early on
  • How Greg chose to go through 500 Startups
  • Getting the first customers for Thinknum
  • What fueled the growth for Thinknum after getting their initial customers
  • The business model behind Thinknum
  • Raising a $11.6M Series A
  • Why Greg started KgBase, a no-code knowledge graph tool
  • Why Greg created a media team that can utilize their data
  • Where most of Greg's time is spent today in the business
  • How Greg looks at hiring and building culture
  • How Greg decided to work at Goldman Sachs in the first place
  • The mental strain of running a startup and putting ego aside
  • Why Thinknum has been successful so far
  • What's helped Greg grow personally as he's been running Thinknum
  • Greg's favorite book and why it has been impactful for him
  • What a day looks like for Greg now
  • The big vision for Thinknum

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