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Just Go Grind

Dec 21, 2020

Mehdi Maghsoodnia is the CEO of 1health, the leading testing as a service (TaaS) company. He is passionate about personalized healthcare and increasing access to testing in the U.S. 

1health launched TaaS earlier this year by bringing to market the first FDA Emergency Use Authorized COVID-19 saliva test, in partnership with IBX (Previously RUCDR). Through these at-home saliva tests, 1health is responsible for the deployment of 1% of COVID-19 testing across the United States. 

Instead of asking people to go get tested in laboratories that are often crowded and have delayed results, Mehdi is driving his businesses to bring affordable, simple testing to the people, wherever they are. 1health partners with hospital systems, telehealth companies, corporations and government agencies, school systems, consumer brands, as well as public health departments around the country. Through its lab network, centralized platform, and health partnerships, now more than seven million Americans have access to the 1health COVID-19 saliva test. 

Mehdi is on the board of SpineZone and MedCorder, and previously served as CEO of Rafter,, SVP of products at CafePress, COO at Actiance and SVP at Intellisync. He is also an industry fellow at UC Berkeley, where he teaches innovation and entrepreneurship. He holds a Master’s of Science in EECS from Stanford, and a Bachelor of Science from UC Berkeley.

Some of the Topics Covered by Mehdi Maghsoodnia in this Episode

  • What 1health is doing and how it got started
  • Why Mehdi chose to work on this particular problem and get involved in the healthcare industry
  • What the initial product at 1health consisted of
  • How Mehdi funding 1health
  • Mehdi's thoughts around building a team
  • Acquiring customers for 1health and how Mehdi looks at testing different channels
  • How Mehdi thinks about pricing and GTM strategy
  • The competitive landscape 1health is operating in
  • Educating the market when you're creating a whole new market
  • The ideal customer for 1health today
  • Mehdi's experience investing in companies and some of the things he's looking for in companies he invests in
  • How Vitagene came about from 1health
  • What Mehdi's schedule looks like today
  • Learning to say no and how to delegate
  • The magic of exercise to improve your thinking

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