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Just Go Grind

Dec 31, 2020

Blanca is the co-founder and CEO of BB Imaging & Consulting. Over the course of 15 years, she has cultivated relationships with healthcare providers in Texas, Kansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma by delivering premium ultrasound services at their respective offices. Now, she is solely focused on making healthcare more accessible to women in rural communities around Texas using technology. BB Imaging allows her to follow her passion for increasing accessibility to healthcare.  Ms. Lesmes is Austin-educated, having completed her undergraduate degree at St. Edward’s University and later receiving her Master’s in Business Administration from the University of Texas.  

In her free time, Blanca serves on the Board of DivInc, a pre-accelerator focused on diversity in tech.   

She also acts as an Entrepreneur in Residence at UT and she is on the Advisory Council for Women@Austin.   

But at home, she is most well-known for her caldo de pollo by her husband, and two kids, Squeaky (age 18), and Geena (age 16) and she even is willing to share some scraps with her Labradoodle, Luna.  

Some of the Topics Covered by Blanca Lesmes in this Episode

  • What BB Imaging & Consulting is and what led Blanca to found it 15 years ago
  • BB Imaging's original business model and how they've adapted it
  • How they approached entering new markets and the slow growth process
  • The importance of trust in the healthcare industry
  • How Blanca navigated the 2008 recession with BB Imaging and how it made them more resilient
  • Blanca's experience getting her MBA at UT and how she applied her growing knowledge to her business
  • How they navigated having to layoff employees during the recession and the COVID pandemic
  • How Blanca approaches company culture and the role it plays in difficult conversations
  • What enabled BB Imaging to kickstart significant growth over the last 5 years and how they are approaching growth moving forward
  • Shifting from bootstrapping to fundraising and the process of building an advisory board
  • Transitioning from a service-based business to a technology solution
  • The big vision for BB Imaging & Consulting
  • How Blanca finds work-life balance and recharges
  • How the mission of BB Imaging energizes and fuels Blanca

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