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Just Go Grind

Jan 20, 2021

David Zeff is the Founder and CEO of Whistle, a marketing and sales agency that is designed to help companies acquire customers through setting best practice sales and marketing processes and strategies and deploying lead generation activities through highly qualified sales development representatives as well as via digital marketing channels. With over 10 years of selling technology to hundreds of SMB and Enterprise companies across multiple sectors, David has begun to wrap his head around the art of sales. He has been a part of two exits – one as a founder and the other as a founding team member. He's a people person who loves to connect, lead, share experiences, coach, strategize, and implement. He takes learning seriously and dedicates two hours per week to direct learning. David enjoys writing and sharing ideas and is a recognized thought leader in the SAAS community. He has built and scaled full cycle business units and as an individual contributor, has closed large enterprise deals with over 200 brands such as Coca Cola, The UC System, Hearst, US Legal Support, Globo, CheckPoint, Demandbase, Sisense, Squire Patton Boggs and more.


Some of the Topics Covered by David Zeff in this Episode

  • What Whistle is and how David started it
  • David's 10-point "startup blueprint" for determining which ideas to pursue
  • How the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the process of getting Whistle off the ground
  • The current Whistle team and how David has strategically built it out
  • Building a sales development team from scratch and David's tips for hiring SDRs
  • How David tests different sales strategies
  • Being "channel agnostic" and David's advice for channel prioritization
  • How David has approached content development
  • The way the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted how we connect
  • David's advice for in-house hiring versus outsourcing
  • What's next for Whistle


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