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Just Go Grind

Jan 25, 2021

Max Rofagha is the Founder and CEO of Finimize, the world’s largest and most engaged finance community. Max previously co-founded one of the largest ecommerce players in Switzerland, which he sold with 200 employees to the largest Swiss media house. He was a Forbes 30 under 30 in 2016, and is a mentor at Techstars.

Finimize is financial news for everyday people. They strive to demystify finance by making financial news easy to understand, succinct and relevant to their readers. By enhancing financial literacy, they're helping the Millennial generation make more informed decisions when it comes to their own money. The content on Finimize is produced by industry experts who previously worked at Barclays, Bloomberg and Forbes.


Some of the Topics Covered by Max Rofagha in this Episode

  • What Finimize is and how Max was inspired to found it
  • The genesis moment and mission of Finimize
  • How Max utilized email, blogs and personally reaching out to university students to expand Finimize's reach from friends and family to their first 10,000 users
  • The evolution of Finimize from a newsletter to the app and what it is today
  • How Finimize built their community organically
  • Finimize's business model and how they prioritize revenue streams
  • How Max has approached content creation for Finimize
  • The importance of clearly defining your value proposition and core customers
  • How Max defines community
  • How they facilitate interaction and meaningful learning within the Finimize community
  • How the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted Finimize and the community they've developed
  • How going virtual opened opportunities for the Finimize community
  • What the post-COVID hybrid in-person and virtual interactions may look like
  • What Finimize's community host playbook consists of
  • How they've fueled growth for Finimize
  • Why they decided to start using paid marketing
  • How Finimize has been able to scale their user base through paid acquisition
  • Finimize's referral program
  • The lessons Max learned from running an e-commerce business before Finimize
  • The importance of clearly-defining company culture
  • How Max recharges and why it's so valuable
  • Max's book recommendations


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