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Just Go Grind with Justin Gordon

Jun 14, 2021

Jessica Chu is the Co-Founder and COO at DIG Labs, advancing daily pet healthcare through science and technology. In 2019, Jessica co-founded DIG Labs with Tara Zedayko out of a shared mission to finally conquer unexplained digestive issues with each of their rescue dogs, Sammy and Kali. Armed with decades of experience in health technology, business management, and dog rescue, they set out to give all pet parents a better way to listen to their pets.
DIG labs is re-imagining personalized pet wellness. They believe that pets are the family members who love us unconditionally. The best way to love them back is by proactively caring for their health and wellness, especially because they can’t tell us what’s wrong. DIG Lab's mission is to deliver custom insights and solutions that are convenient, accessible, and continuously advancing, enabled by the power of technology and science. They strive to give pets a voice and create a two-way dialogue of insights and actions, so they can live healthy, beautiful lives. A female-founded, NY-based venture-backed startup, DIG Labs is developing patent-pending, tech-enabled insights, and personalized products, including supplements. Founded by former CPG and R&D, brand management execs and pet lovers whose vision is to translate the benefits of personalized human healthcare to pets, DIG Labs launched its proprietary real-time health platform, powered by patent-pending computer vision and machine learning. 

Some of the Topics Covered by Jessica Chu in this Episode

  • What DIG Labs is doing today and how they've pivoted and evolved
  • How the DIG labs digestive health check app works
  • The computer vision and image analysis side of developing the app
  • Incorporating early customer feedback
  • What's next for DIG Labs
  • How they've approached customer acquisition and growth
  • From bootstrapping to fundraising
  • Why consulting wasn't the right fit for Jessica
  • Why Jessica decided to work together with her co-founder Tara and in the pet health industry
  • Bringing on a third co-founder and expanding their team
  • How they've adapted into being a technology company
  • How Jessica spends her days as COO and how her role as evolved as the team has grown
  • How they’ve approached building a go to market strategy
  • Narrative and brand building
  • The role of content creation
  • Jessica’s journey as a pet parent and foster
  • Founder market fit
  • How Jessica unwinds and tools she uses to find balance
  • The big vision for DIG Labs

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