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Just Go Grind

Oct 25, 2021

Rachel Sanders is the Co-Founder and CEO of Rootine, a wellness company working to optimize its users’ health and daily performance with precision nutrition.

They enable individuals to leverage their personal health and nutrition data to improve how they look, feel and perform everyday with their test-take-track approach.

Rachel has spent her career in high-stress roles that require her to maximize the time she has — first as an investment banker and now as a startup founder and first-time mom.

Early on in her career she was suffering from burnout, fatigue, stress, and brain fog which hampered her ability to give her best every day. She turned to nutrition and fitness as a way to get more out of her day when sleep wasn’t always an option - constantly iterating on products, exercises, and ways to fuel her body to add performance gains throughout the day.


Topics Covered by Rachel Sanders in this Episode

  • What Rootine is, what inspired Rachel to start the company and how she found her co-founder, Dr. Daniel Wallerstorfer

  • How Rootine is empowering consumers to gain access to their health data and leverage it to improve how they feel and perform

  • The importance of personalizing health solutions

  • How Rootine launched and what their go to market strategy was

  • Being a digitally native brand

  • What differentiates Rootine amongst the competition in the 700 billion dollar global nutrition industry

  • Their test-take-track approach

  • Creating a strong brand

  • The customer experience for new Rootine consumers

  • Rootine’s business model and how they developed it

  • How they approach expanding markets

  • Rootine’s primary use cases

  • Rachel’s first startup as a learning experience

  • Rootine’s fundraising process and the importance of diversity in investors

  • Hiring and building out the Rootine team and hiring for culture over expertise

  • Being a values and results driven company

  • Achieving the big mission and vision for Rootine

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