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Just Go Grind

Dec 6, 2021

Annelise Hillmann is the co-founder of FRONTMAN, the Gen Z self-care brand for men creating a new grooming category. A story teller at heart, Annelise is an art director and designer focusing on brand identity and marketing strategy for early stage companies. She has a Harvard degree in economics and psychology and lives in Brooklyn. She co-founded FRONTMAN with Nick Bunn in 2018, and also does freelance for companies still in stealth and others post-IPO.

Topics Covered by Annelise Hillmann in this Episode

  • What FRONTMAN is and how Annelise and her co-founder Nick Bunn came up with the idea
  • Developing the product itself and how they navigated contract manufacturing for cosmetics
  • Using a product consultant
  • Designing for behavior change and creating the brand for FRONTMAN
  • Utilizing nostalgia to cultivate authenticity in brand building
  • FRONTMAN’s go to market strategy, and what has and hasn’t worked to target Gen Z
  • How they’ve kept their team small so far
  • Raising a $150K pre-seed and working with Recharge Capital
  • FRONTMAN’s fundraising journey and Annelise’s advice on raising capital
  • How Annelise invests in her own health and wellbeing as a founder

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