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Just Go Grind

Dec 20, 2021

JP Fatta is a serial entrepreneur with multiple startups including health, entertainment and Cannabis related businesses. He is currently the CEO of Kush Klubs, the first monthly Cannabis Network, Fintech & Subscription-Based Membership Club. Members gain access to a gram or more a day, every day of the month, up to 365 days a year. Kush Klubs works with dispensaries in their network to bring members below market rates while helping dispensaries grow their customer base. As a socially conscious brand, they see their role in the Cannabis space to negotiate for the people, empower local businesses, advocate for minority owners and lobby for decriminalization. If you’re interested in their mission, check out:

Topics Covered by JP Fatta and Bryce Petty in this Episode

  • How JP decided to start Kush Klubs
  • How regulations within the cannabis industry affected the development of their idea through various iterations and how they found their entry point into the market
  • How Bryce got involved in the cannabis industry and with Kush Klubs
  • Overcoming the cultural taboo around cannabis use
  • Deciding to crowdfund, the benefits of this method, and how they chose the WeFunder platform
  • How they’ve approached growth and overcoming the challenges that come with the nature of their business
  • Finding their dispensary partners and building trust with them
  • Getting and keeping users
  • Bryce’s view on the opportunities in the cannabis industry
  • Creating brand loyalty and recognition through community building

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