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Just Go Grind

Feb 14, 2022

Abby Mercado is the Co-Founder & CEO of Rescripted and a mom of IVF twins. Rescripted is the #1 global social network for people interested in fertility topics, providing tech tools & resources for wherever you are on your journey to build a family. From a vibrant fertility community and trusted IVF content to a tech-enabled fertility pharmacy and mental health counseling, Rescripted brings together everything you need to feel fully supported on your fertility journey.

Abby is a first-time founder but lifelong entrepreneur, and previously a VC investor.

Topics Covered by Abby Mercado in this Episode

  • What Rescripted is and how Abby’s personal experience led her to the idea
  • Abby’s founder story and how winning a Techstars Startup Weekend gave her the push to commit to her idea
  • Abby’s objectives going through the Techstars program while simultaneously starting the company
  • What Abby found most valuable from Techstars
  • Their experience raising $2M+ exclusively from angel investors
  • The blocks they ran into that led to a pivot from B2B to D2C
  • Building a friendship and mentorship with Kristyn Hodgdon and eventually merging their businesses
  • The process of acqui-hiring Kristyn
  • How the concept for Rescripted has evolved over the years into their current multi-prong model
  • The tech, tools and resources Rescripted provides as an integrated care platform for fertility patients
  • How they’re helping women cope with an infertility diagnosis through mental health programming
  • Being community and cohort centric
  • How Abby allocates her time
  • What’s on deck for Rescripted and their big vision

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