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Just Go Grind

Feb 21, 2022

Meghan Jewitt is the CEO and Co-Founder of Uniform Teeth, a modern orthodontic startup that uses advanced technology to deliver a best in class experience. Meghan believes in making orthodontic care higher quality, more patient-centric and more affordable. After over a decade in the healthcare industry, Meghan’s past experience includes executive roles at DaVita Kidney Care and One Medical Group, and she holds a Biomedical Engineering degree from Columbia University and a MBA from Harvard Business School. In her downtime, Meghan skis, surfs, bikes and climbs.

Topics Covered by Meghan Jewitt in this Episode

  • What makes Uniform Teeth a modern orthodontic services provider
  • Meghan’s journey to starting Uniform Teeth and her mission to improve the health care industry
  • Meeting her co-founder Kjeld Aamodt and what empowered Meghan to commit to their idea
  • The evolution of Uniform Teeth
  • The technology that enables a seamless experience for patients
  • Their “scrappy” approach to early customer acquisition
  • Deciding to go the VC route for funding and what Meghan would do differently
  • Fundraising vs. bootstrapping
  • Their fundraising experience as a tech-enabled brick and mortar service business
  • What has fueled their growth over the past few years
  • Facilitating an organic referral engine
  • Hiring for a diverse range of positions and how the challenges have been different than they expected
  • Considering the four-day work week
  • How Uniform Teeth is pioneering orthodontics care of the future

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