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Just Go Grind

Apr 11, 2022

Alex Taub is the co-founder and CEO of Upstream, a no-code all-in-one DAO builder. Alex previously was the co-founder and CEO of SocialRank (acquired by Trufan). Prior to that Alex led business development and partnerships for online integrations at Dwolla, a payments startup based in Iowa. As well as for Aviary (acquired by Adobe), a NY-based startup that provides a photo editing API for web and mobile devices. Alex is active in the NY tech scene as the creator of the BD Meetup and an advisor to early-stage companies. He has been featured in Business Insider as one of the “Top 20 Under 25” in the NY tech scene.

Alex writes a popular blog called Alex’s Tech Thoughts, and has been published in Fast Company, The New York Observer, The Next Web and VentureBeat. He teaches Business Development classes, and has been quoted on many tech websites including TechCrunch, NY Post, The New York Times, Business Insider, Mashable, and PC Magazine. He was a contributor for the Forbes Entrepreneur section and advisor for Rainfall Ventures, a seed stage VC fund. Now he is the General Partner at Taub Ventures, an early stage fund to invest in startups.

Topics Covered by Alex Taub in this Episode

  • How Upstream makes it easy to start a DAO
  • Upstream as a full-stack solution
  • Identifying the need for Upstream in the market
  • Different use cases Alex is anticipating for Upstream
  • How Alex has approached market research shifting the company’s focus
  • The decision to “upgrade” Upstream
  • Their journey of raising a Series A
  • What’s next for Upstream
  • How Alex views opportunity in their industry
  • How Upstream is approaching customer acquisition
  • The Illuminati NFT project and putting systems in place to protect its members
  • The timeline and process of setting up repeatable structures
  • Other projects Alex has been involved in
  • What Alex looks for in the NFT space
  • Alex’s approach to collecting NFTs
  • What Alex is excited about within the Web3 eco-system

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