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Just Go Grind

Sep 26, 2022

Dave Fink is the CEO and Co-Founder of Postie, a marketing technology company that has transformed Direct Mail by enabling it to perform like a digital channel. In doing so, Postie has unleashed the medium's potential and unlocked growth for its advertisers, delivering an average campaign ROAS of 1,382%. From prospecting campaigns for new customers, to retargeting and CRM campaigns to maximize existing customers, Postie offers marketing solutions for every stage of the customer journey. With creative testing, real-time attribution, and campaign management tools Postie delivers an all-in-one platform to dynamically optimize your DM strategy.

As a consumer internet and technology entrepreneur, Dave is most engaged when leveraging emerging technologies in simple ways to solve real-world problems. He is driven by the intellectual pursuit as much as the accomplishments they’re achieving at Postie.

Topics Covered by Dave Fink in this Episode

  • Postie as the only ad-serving technology solution specifically dedicated to the direct mail channel
  • How the patterns Dave observed as a partner at Science incubator led to him founding Postie
  • Postie’s early days of identifying their ideal customer profile, customer acquisition, and go-to-market
  • How they manage such a wide range of customer profiles
  • How Postie’s intuitive product and customer experience mimics the digital campaign experience
  • Taking direct mail campaigns from a 60 to 3 day lead time
  • Postie’s behind the scenes logistics and how they’ve been able to innovate and optimize efficiency
  • How measurable results have fueled Postie’s growth
  • Why they focused on building first and waited 5+ years to start marketing themselves as a company
  • Choosing slow and steady growth instead of continually raising VC
  • What’s next for Postie

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