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Just Go Grind

Mar 28, 2022

Jennifer Smith is the Co-Founder and CEO of Scribe, a software tool that makes it easy to learn from your most productive people without slowing them down by automatically generating step-by-step tutorials for any task, while they work. Scribe seamlessly captures how work gets done across your organization, enabling you to analyze, optimize, and standardize processes, in a way your employees will love. Founded in 2019, the Scribe team imagines a world where the best of what anyone knows how to do is available to everyone. Instantly and automatically. So every person, company, and community can do their best work, every day. With a little more ease and joy.

Prior to founding Scribe, Jennifer spent time at McKinsey & Company and Greylock Partners. She is a Princeton and Harvard Business School alum.

Topics Covered by Jennifer Smith in this Episode

  • How Scribe is making it easy to share how to do something
  • Jennifer’s background and realizing she needed to build Scribe to solve a problem she observed for years
  • Going from “someone else will solve it” to “I’m going to solve it” and the first steps she took to start a company
  • Finding developers early in Scribe’s journey
  • Talking to 80+ engineers before she connected with her technical co-founder, Aaron Podolny
  • The importance of finding a co-founder that shares your value and vision
  • How organic growth enabled Jennifer and the Scribe team to run lean and focus on building in the right direction without any marketing for the first 1.5 years
  • How their approach to growth and marketing has shifted
  • How they narrowed their target market for a product with such a wide variety of use cases
  • Raising an unexpected Series A for Scribe while pregnant with her first child
  • Jennifer’s strategy behind bringing on great angel investors
  • Making Scribe an extremely user-friendly product

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