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Just Go Grind

Jul 19, 2020

Peter Peng is the founder and CEO of Jetson, the Shopify of voice commerce. It is voice-first marketplace technology that adds true commerce capabilities to voice assistants such as Alexa and Google Home by enabling multi-step conversations, which allow you to explore a menu or catalog, customize products, and transact them in a natural and unconstrained way. Jetson also enables businesses of any size to easily sell products and services through voice interfaces using Jetson's end to end platform. Jetson is the only voice commerce platform today that has full on turn-key capabilities.

Peter has worked at a number of IoT startups, and led the 2014 Google Glass integration into a smart lock platform and as well as the Alexa integration into the same platform. Peter has a passion for taking companies to the next level with artificial intelligence.

Connect with Peter Peng

Some of the Topics Covered by Peter Peng in this Episode

  • What is Jetson?
  • How COVID-19 has re-invigorated the Jetson team
  • Why Peter created Jetson
  • Why they started with food ordering and what other industries they have since moved into
  • Figuring out their target customers and creating different types of accounts
  • Where Peter got direction and guidance as he started Jetson
  • The process of getting pre-revenue funding and getting investors through regulation crowdfunding and MicroVentures
  • How Peter views growth and customer acquisition for Jetson
  • Why Peter focuses on being product- and brand-centric
  • Peter's advice for successful sales
  • What's next for Jetson
  • The story behind Jetson's logo
  • How Peter sees the future of AI
  • A typical day for Peter
  • How Peter finds a work-life balance and why it's so important to him
  • Peter's book recommendations
  • What Peter would have done differently looking back

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