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Just Go Grind

Feb 15, 2021

Eric Shoykhet is the Founder and CEO of Atom Finance, a modern financial knowledge platform empowering investors to make informed investing decisions with best-in-class research, software, and data. Eric founded Atom to fill a white space he identified in the market. As an institutional analyst at Blackstone and Governor’s Lane, Eric had access to enterprise platforms like CapIQ and Bloomberg. He quickly identified the massive information gap between those platforms and what was readily available to retail investors via Yahoo! Finance, etc. Eric founded Atom Finance in 2018 to bridge the gap and provide the same market research resources traditionally available only to Wall Street professionals into the hands of any investor via a powerful and intuitive platform that works anywhere.

Some of the Topics Covered by Eric Shoykhet in this Episode

  • What Atom Finance is and what led Eric to found it
  • The early hurdles Eric faced in building Atom Finance
  • How Eric approached customer discovery
  • Early fundraising for Atom Finance and what Eric has learned during the process
  • Why there weren't many competitors when Eric started Atom Finance
  • Building the MVP for Atom Finance
  • Early customer acquisition, what growth looks like for Atom Finance today and who their ideal customer is
  • How Eric view pricing differently than others in the space
  • How being an operator influences your perspective as an investor and vice versa
  • The challenges of hiring and building company culture
  • What makes Atom Finance stand out
  • Resources Eric has found helpful as a first-time founder
  • Eric's communication style with their investors
  • How Eric prioritizes his time and energy and finds balance
  • Eric's book recommendations on building a business
  • The next steps and big picture for Atom Finance

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