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Just Go Grind

Jan 17, 2022

Suman Siva is the Co-Founder and CEO of Marco, a platform for discovering, planning, and booking high-quality experiences. Marco is helping companies and teams up-level their next Zoom happy hour or offsite and do something collaborative and engaging via virtual experiences that evolve modern teams into thriving cultures.

Suman has spent his career advising, operating, and investing in consumer tech companies and marketplaces, and now he’s excited to be working on building one! His experience includes working as a Growth Advisor to marketplaces at Basis One, investing at SoftBank Vision Fund Consumer Internet, and consulting at Bain.

Topics Covered by Suman Siva in this Episode

  • How Marco is bringing companies and teams together through their experiences platform
  • How Suman’s time investing in the experiences space at SoftBank led to him founding Marco
  • The evolution of Marco and how the pandemic led to a pivot
  • Shifting from B2C to B2B
  • Their go-to-market strategy and exploring paid acquisition
  • Expanding into enterprise solutions
  • The pain point that Marco is addressing and their current business model
  • Their journey raising nearly $3M in capital
  • Getting early traction
  • Suman’s transition from investor to entrepreneur
  • How Marco is enabling the creator economy
  • Their opportunistic approach to hiring part-time, distributed employees
  • Marco’s Future of Culture E-Book
  • The types of experiences Marco’s customers are looking to engage in
  • How they’re zooming in on inclusivity in the workplace
  • The trends Suman is expecting to see regarding in-person versus virtual offerings

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