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Just Go Grind

Jan 31, 2022

Cary Breese is Co-Founder and CEO of NowRx, a technology-leveraged pharmacy service using software automation, logistics, robotics, and micro-fulfilment strategy to transform retail pharmacy. Traditional retail pharmacy is broken, marked by inefficiencies and terrible customer experience. NowRx is on a mission to rebuild healthcare the way it should be – accessible, convenient, and affordable for all. Cary is a multi-time CEO with more than 15 years of experience leading companies that leverage innovative software and automation technologies to disrupt large legacy industries.

Topics Covered by Cary Breese in this Episode

  • The vision of NowRx
  • How NowRx works as a full stack pharmacy solution
  • What led Cary to start NowRx
  • Disrupting legacy industries
  • Why existing incentive structures have prevented the pharmacy industry from being disrupted before
  • The process of getting NowRx rolling
  • Cary’s hands-on customer discovery process and early customer acquisition
  • How they developed their business model
  • Why they decided to crowdfund
  • How they approach geographical growth through micro fulfillment
  • Their plan to become a national brand
  • The challenges they’ve faced in building NowRx
  • What Cary has learned from his experience as a multi-time founder

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