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Just Go Grind

Mar 23, 2020

Kari's story:

"During my first week back from maternity leave, my daughter’s daycare closed for two weeks because they accidentally left a kid at the park. Rough start, and it didn’t get easier from there.

I used to question every decision I made as a mom and would end up crying in the bathroom at work. I just felt like I was reinventing the wheel each day, which is why I knew I had to build something to help myself (I was basically my own guinea pig) and the countless other ambitious women out there 

According to our insight at Uplift, what’s hardest for moms is the emotional pressure. The guilt. The constant mental load. The rampant imposter syndrome. So, we’ve built a robust support system to up your working mom game. 

My story has a happy ending: I became better at my job (and life) post kids thanks to the many small changes I developed and then weaved into Uplift. I’m more efficient, more focused, and a hell of a lot happier. "

What Uplift does:

Uplift empowers working women to turn motherhood into a career advantage, not a drawback.

They do this through ‘snackable coaching’ that fits in busy moms lives: coaching sessions during pumping, 5-minute exercises and audio content for commutes.

Their program is based on interviews with 70 working moms at the top of their fields (such as the CTO of Nest, CMO of Hulu, and founder of Hint Water). Significant life changes have been shown to be excellent times to adopt new habits since your entire life is already changing.