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Just Go Grind

Jul 12, 2020

Christian is the Co-Founder and CEO of We Are No Code, an educational platform that empowers non-technical founders through No-code technology. WeAreNoCode prepares startups for accelerators, investment, and revenue growth through an 8-module guided course.

Christian is a serial entrepreneur and digital strategist with over 12 years experience building startups, running accelerators and consulting for fortune 500 companies and celebrities. As a trainer, he served as the co-director of a startup program that has helped over 100 startups go on to raise over 40M in funding and get into accelerators like Techstars, YCombinator and 500 Startups. He is also a specialist in no-code and workflow automations.

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Some of the Topics Covered by Christian Peverelli in this Episode

  • What is the No-code movement?
  • How Christian discovered No-code and the impact it's had on him as an entrepreneur
  • What We Are No Code does and its potential for changing the game for creators
  • Navigating the immense variety of No-code tools available and how We Are No Code provides guidance
  • The reality of being your own worst critic and leveraging the human element in your favor
  • We Are No Code's target audience and what they can achieve
  • The importance of becoming tech-literate in today's world
  • A breakdown of We Are No Code's 8-module educational program, from 0 to revenue
  • The three avenues of funding: investors vs. accelerators vs. bootstrap
  • The importance of discovery calls and avoiding "the mom effect"
  • How Christian and his co-founder Eddy started We Are No Code
  • How they are lowering the learning curve and making entrepreneurship accessible even to those with full time jobs
  • Christian's own journey as an entrepreneur
  • How Christian is also using his business to make the world better
  • We Are No Code's plan for growth
  • Christian's recommendations and advice for entrepreneurs

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