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Just Go Grind

Aug 29, 2020

Guy Friedman is the co-founder and CEO of SteadyMD, a technology company and healthcare provider that enables members and doctors to pair up, collaborate, and develop long-term personal relationships, completely online. The SteadyMD Matching Engine evaluates each new member and doctor across hundreds of medical, fitness, and lifestyle attributes to help spark a connection and pair them up successfully.

The company offers services for Primary Care, Functional Medicine, Pediatric Care, and Employers and is licensed and has members in all 50 U.S. states. SteadyMD doctors are partnered with a limited number of members and are conveniently available through text, phone and video chat. The SteadyMD medical team retrieves and maintains health records, refers patients to local specialists, arranges tests and procedures, and generally influences all downstream care and health spending for that member.

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Some of the Topics Covered by Guy Friedman in this Episode

  • How Guy went from selling his online proctoring startup to founding SteadyMD
  • What makes SteadyMD unique in the telemedicine space
  • Guy's criteria for a startup and his false starts
  • How Guy has shifted between industries
  • SteadyMD's values and mission
  • The original version of SteadyMD and how they've enhanced it
  • Recruiting doctors and acquiring patients
  • How SteadyMD is improving the quality of care for patients and the experience for doctors
  • The uniqueness of being D2C in the healthcare industry
  • Determining channels, figuring out messaging and utilizing influencer marketing
  • Why SteadyMD is for everyone
  • Why the healthcare industry is fundamentally flawed
  • Keeping the core business consistent
  • How patients utilize SteadyMD
  • The landscape for primary care and how SteadyMD fits in
  • Guy's process and advice for fundraising
  • How COVID has affected SteadyMD
  • How Guy views new opportunities for growth
  • How Guy has approached building out the team for SteadyMD
  • Raising the Series A for SteadyMD and its impact on growth
  • Dividing roles and responsibilities and balancing priorities
  • How Guy has adapted his perspective after running startups for years
  • Guy's book recommendations
  • Getting an MBA at Wharton

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