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Just Go Grind

Mar 14, 2022

Jonathan Anderson is the Co-Founder and CEO of Candu, the first no-code web builder for existing SaaS products. Candu is building a better way to activate users and release new features. The simple, drag-and-drop UI Editor empowers product and customer teams to create UI themselves, saving developer time and trimming technical debt. Unlike guide products, Candu enables customers to change the UI itself to drive user engagement.

SaaS teams win when in-app experiences help users to adopt the features that ultimately help them do their jobs. That’s why Candu gives customers the tools and analytics they need to rapidly redesign the in-app experience. Shape, launch, then improve onboarding experiences to drive user behavior and convert first-time users into devoted fans.

Topics Covered by Jonathan Anderson in this Episode

  • What Candu is
  • How Jonathan came up with the idea
  • Why Jonathan decided this was a problem he needed to solve
  • Participating in accelerator Entrepreneur First and meeting his co-founder
  • The timeframe for Candu – from original idea to launch
  • Why problem identification is more important than solution orientation
  • The problem Candu solves and who it’s for
  • The difference between their first and second launches on Product Hunt
  • Why they chose to launch on Product Hunt
  • The feedback around their second launch and how to measure it
  • Building out the Candu team and what Jonathan has learned doing so
  • Jonathan’s advice for hiring
  • Why they used a recruiter
  • Their experience fundraising VC
  • Finding work-life balance as a founder
  • Being married to another high-performing startup founder
  • What’s next for Candu
  • The future of no-code

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